Leonardo Giannini

Hi It’s Leponyk…

Ops or maybe I’m Leonardo Giannini in this page 🙂 … I come from Italy and I was “born” on internet in 1996 when in Italy we used surfing the web with modem 56K. I’m passionate for Hi-tech and Design since 1986 when I had my first Computer “Commodore VIC 20” and during these year I couldn’t stay too far from my Mac and the coming of Internet. Cause a big mole of informations shared in these years and thanks to my curios soul and mind I discovered in me an explosion of creative mood.

Now I found myself into an amazing world …

I’m first of all a native Web-surfer 🙂 in second a creative Web Designer… an Internet Consultant for your business and private digital stuff… an e-commerce manager for your project shop on internet,  … a Digital content manager for your website… and also a Photographer maybe for hobby 🙂

So you can call me an Internet entrepreneur 

All of these passions are continually growing side by side to my other specialization in Sustainable building and overall as way to Live Eco-Sustainable.

Just landed in Netherlands in in the multicultural Den haag to give, improve and share my skills with you!

Always curious to know with desire to improve the world and our future…

Ci sentiamo volentieri if you want any information to stand out with your new web-site or to make real your idea and projects by Leponyk just press Hangout or FaceTime and you can make a call on Internet

The chances are limitless

Stand out with Italian creativity!

Cià ciao dal Leponyk… 😉

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Web designer
Digital photography
Internet / Hi-Tech consultant

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Reach something in your youth that restored by the damage of your old age. And if you mean the “old age” have food as wisdom, make sure that in your youth, for this old age don’t miss the food.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Acquista cosa nella tua gioventù, che ristori il danno della tua vecchiezza. E se tu intendi la “vecchiezza” aver per suo cibo la sapienza, adoprati in tal modo in gioventù, che a tal vecchiezza non manchi il nutrimento.

Leonardo Da Vinci