Leonardo Giannini

Internet entrepreneur

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Mobile-friendly website

Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook. A good mobile-friendly website has a beautiful and useful design.

You have difficulty managing your website? Leponyk helps you to update it with your favorite digital content.

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With Ebay or your web-shop Leponyk can help you.

Do you think exist just Facebook? You’re missing a lot of social media and cloud services for your business!

Hi web lover it’s Leponyk…;)

Leonardo Giannini

Leonardo alias Leponyk is an Internet entrepreneur, web-designer, social media strategist, copywriter and E-commerce expert. He’s passionate about helping small businesses maximize the power of social media to increase the success of their online marketing efforts.

I answer to every problem ensuring maximum support to your project even after the creation.

So call me or write me with Hangout or FaceTime 😉

“I didn’t know “Hangout” until Leponyk teach me to use it. Excellent app to communicate with Internet on computer, tablet and smartphone!”

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